Requiem Aeternam







This large painting depicts the scene of a planet and its moons steeply rising above the rugged wall of a large crater. In the foreground stands a solitary obelisk. Its base buried, its top violently truncated, the monument is a memento mori, a symbol of the transitory nature of civilizations which, upon reaching their zenith, are shattered, abandoned, forgotten. The piece is mounted in a modern, glossy, black lacquered frame with a black fabric scoop. A single custom color print of this painting was made to serve as an artist's proof, but no prints were ever made. The print is mounted in a rounded black frame, and matted in rich brown with a fillet colored in the hue of the planet in the background.

Original — Acrylic on acrylic sheet.
Custom Color Print on Kodak paper

Original — 40" x 27"
Print —15.5" x 23"

Original — Available for Purchase
Print Available for Purchase

Original:— $2,800
Print — $280, plus shipping

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